Barrows are excited to present you a capability & programme that:
  • Improves the customer experience 

  • Delivers rich localised brand engagement

  • Is proven to increase category growth

  • Is proven to increase brand growth

  • Adds no operational dependencies nor complexities

  • Whilst delivering incremental revenue to the retailer & requiring no capital

We can validate the above, as we have piloted & rolled-out this model with 1,445 touchpoints in 793 stores in South Africa & recently in Canada over the past 2 years, in which we have consistently seen sales growth, increased NPS and have created an incremental revenue stream for the retailer from brands. 

South Africa has been the pilot market in which we have looked to test & optimise the effectiveness and robustness of the partnership programme. We are now in trial with a number of retailers outside of South Africa.

The Retail Customer Experience specialist

Barrows is a global retail marketing business that has over 30 years of experience, working with some of the biggest brands and retailers to deliver improved customer experience.

The race to retailer media monetization is ramping up & the store is the next frontier

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The components of the
Connected Store programme 

 A range of connected in-store touchpoints designed to: 

  • Improve category experiences & deliver total category growth.

  • Promote omni-channel engagement.

  • Amplify a brand’s equity and usage occasions.

  • Deliver agile, dynamic and localised content & communication to each store.

  • Collect new insights that support further optimisation efforts and the execution of future customer touchpoints across the store.

  • Generate revenue to be re-invested or added to the bottom line.

The Barrows Connected Store Partnership Model 

A partnership between Barrows and the retailer to switch on connected retail experiences & deliver an incremental revenue stream to the retailer - which requires no capital from the retailer.

Management & Maintenance 
Barrows design, manufacture, install & own the touchpoints
Barrows build & manage  the content
Barrows sells the media space to brands who rent the digital touch-point space
Barrows maintain & upgrade the hardware
Collaboratively test, learn & iterate to ensure constant improvement & optimisation
Connected Store’s progress to-date
Experience led design

Making sure there is “2-way” communication and interaction with shoppers.

Connected Store’s initial results: Retailer
Connected Store’s initial results: Brand
Presenting an improved customer experience

The model has transformed entire categories

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